Gary Midnight
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Welcome to Midnight Magic Entertainment 

  At MIDNIGHT MAGIC we can make any occasion or event a memorable and Magical experience.

 If you're looking for an ordinary Magician that will pull a rabbit out of a hat, then leave this site now. If you're looking for an amazing fast-paced, jaw-dropping, wild MAGICAL experience with one of the most mind-blowing Magicians in the world, then this is the place.  We are talking about the extremely talented Master Magician/Illusionist, Mentalist, Entertainer and inventor of MAGIC...GARY MIDNIGHT...

   Master of Illusion, clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and Mind Reading, GARY MIDNIGHT is mesmerizing his audiences in spectacular, Mystifying performances.  One of today's most sought-after entertainers, Magician GARY MIDNIGHT  leaves audiences spellbound with his amazing gifts of illusion and sleight-of-hand.  Out of his Magical mind come the most amazing feats:   Dollar bills suddenly appear then levitate in mid air and dance to music, then vanish in a burst of fire! Beautiful and colorful doves arise out of nowhere and in the most impossible conditions. Live animals, fire, transformations, appearances, disappearances,  levitations, music, and bringing dreams to reality -  all put together perfectly in his amazing show.  Gary Midnight's shows are performed in the manner of a fantastic rock concert.  It promises to be the most Magical experience of your life!

The MAGIC that he produces can be executed on the largest of stages, or in your own home. This is a wild and fast-paced exciting show for all ages, choreographed to Magical music.  Gary Midnight is one of the busiest Magicians in the country, from performing at private parties for ten people to performing on cruise ships for hundreds, even performing on prime-time national television for millions of people!  GARY MIDNIGHT's Magic has taken him all around the world; he has also appeared  in TV commercials and music videos with his astonishing magic, and has performed for some of the top celebrities in the world, such as CELINE DION, DONALD TRUMP, THE ROCK, BURT REYNOLDS, KENNY ROGERS, HELEN HUNT, DAVID KEITH, TED NUGENT, NEIL SEDAKA, music groups POISON, TESLA, STYX, KISS, the POLICE AND DEF LEPPARD! Plus, the MIAMI DOLPHINS, DAN MARINO, PETE ROSE and many more.  Gary Midnight performs the most amazing shows at the most amazing prices...He has a show suitable for all audiences.  He will BLOW YOU AWAY!  Experience REAL MAGIC for yourself - you won't be disappointed.

 GARY MIDNIGHT has several types of shows to offer.  From his Grand Illusion show which is for the big stage with major illusions (many of the same variety as David Copperfield uses)  Some of the illusions include:  INTERLUDE -  Watch as a beautiful dancer penetrates right through GARY MIDNIGHT's body!  SHADOW BOX -  An empty box and a little Witchcraft; next a shadow in the box slowly materializes into GARY MIDNIGHT!   The ULTIMATE LEVITATION -  This is where GARY MIDNIGHT covers his beautiful assistant in a sheet and Levitates her up and over the audience; in a flash the assistant vanishes and is seen sitting in the back of the audience sipping a glass of wine!   These illusions and many more are all part of the GRAND ILLUSION SHOW!

  Next is the SMALL ILLUSION SHOW.  It's the most popular and affordable show we offer.  It can be performed on a large stage or in your own living room.  It has lots of music, beautiful doves, rabbits, parrots (and some other interesting creatures), fire, levitations, transformations, appearances, disappearances, mentalism and so much more, all put together in a fast and wild show!

   Next is GARY MIDNIGHT's STAND-UP MAGIC SHOW,  where Gary gets everyone into the show with his BIZARRE Magic using cards, Mind reading, incredible predictions, Voodoo Magic, Witchcraft, the Tarot Deck and things you can't possibly imagine.

   CLOSE-UP STROLLING MAGIC.  This is a great idea for the cocktail hour or anytime you want to entertain your guests at a party or event in a more intimate style.  GARY MIDNIGHT blends into the crowd performing his incredible MAGIC right in your guests' hands - and in their minds!!

All of these shows can be performed for 30 Minutes or several hours.  We will customize it anyway you like.  We offer the lowest prices and the biggest and best show...Call 561-965-8782 or e-mail glmagic725@yahoo.com for more information.


To see some sample video's of The Magic of Gary Midnight ...Click here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7269956310614675484# and on youtube at link below.



To see some sample video's of The Magic of Gary Midnight ...Click here  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7269956310614675484#  and on youtube at link below.


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